Festival of New Rice

This Festival is held in the month of January and is the last festival for the year as per Sinhala calendar. The rice prepared using the first harvest of paddy which belong to the temple is offered to the great Lord Buddha. Moreover, in a small ceremony which takes place at the Natha Dewalaya of Kandy, the officials of the temple of the sacred tooth relic distribute rice to 91 temples and Devalas of Kandy including Gadaladeniya Rajmaha Viharaya and Gadaladeniya Vishnu Dewalaya. The all offerings to the Buddha are prepared using this new harvest. 

From the first harvest of rice, 80 Serus (an ancient traditional measurement) of cooked rice, oil cakes and fruits are offered to the Buddha in the main shrine at an auspicious time on Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day. All the officials of the Temple and the Dewale are presented for this ceremony. This ceremony is also held at the same auspicious time in the temple of the sacred tooth relic of Kandy, four Dewalas of Kandy and other ancient royal temples and Dewalas in Kandy.