The Exhibition of the Sacred Relics of the Lord Buddha and the Arhants

Celebrating the 2567th Vesak festival which is an observation of the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of the great Lord Buddha, special exhibition of the sacred relics of the Lord Buddha and his eight great disciples was held in Gadaladeniya Rajamaha Viharaya. In this exhibition, the relics of the lord Buddha were displayed for the public, along with the relics of the arhants of venerable Sariputta, Moggallana, Ananda, Anuruddha, Seewali, Bakkula, Angulimala and Maha Prajapati gotami theri respectively. All these relics are being kept inside the 200years old gold plated relic casket in the main shrine for more than two centuries. Thousands of local and foreign devotees attended this rare opportunity and paid their homage to these sacred relics.

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